While in New Orleans, I attended the screening of Girls Trip. The movie has an all star cast and an incredible director. Although I'm a fan of everyone in the movie, the previews I'd seen so far didn't have me convinced. I'm not even sure what I didn't like. Honestly, I was prepared for a corny, female version of The Hangover. I'm so glad that I was proved wrong. Girls Trip really delivered. Here are three things I loved about the film:

1. It's relatable. Thinking back on college, I can see a little bit of each of the main characters in my friends. I graduated from a small HBCU (go Skegee) and all of my friends turned into family. Post-college has been one helluva roller coaster already. There were so many scenes that made me laugh simply because I've been there, done that.

2. They reallllyyy took it there. If I could describe this movie in one emoji, it would definitely be the crying face. We were all in the theater crying laughing. Literally. Tears were falling. DISCLAIMER: don't go see this movie with your mom or grandma - super awkward. Don't say I didn't warn you!

3. The reality check. Girls Trip takes an honest look into the lives of modern women- how we handle relationships, careers and conflict. It was nice to see characters who I could really relate to and watch them solve problems that myself and many of my friends are faced with.