Braves Game

There are less than 20 games left for the Atlanta Braves at Turner Field. I love the atmosphere at sporting events, especially at the Ted. This hasn't been the best season for the Braves, but fans still pack the stadium to show their love for the home team. If you've never witnessed 40,000 people doing the Tomahawk Chop simultaneously then you're truly missing out. I've been able to check out batting practice a few times this season and I enjoyed the Father's Day game with my dad, my brother and niece. After experiencing the Delta SkyClub, I thought I'd seen the best that the stadium has to offer. The lounge offers both a buffet and restaurant option, a couple of bars, and of course in door sitting. I was pretty sure that it didn't get any better than that.

I was wrong.

This past weekend I got the chance to experience the Ted from the best seats in the house. Right on the field.  I wasn't on the field while the game was going- but as soon as it was over, Antoine and I were escorted onto the field to watch the spectacular fireworks show. It was something I will never forget.

Check out pictures from the game below!