Museum Tour

Reading has always been an escape for me. In elementary school, I would read in my free time. In middle school, I would read when my parents or brother upset me. In high school, I would read when it was required. In college, I fell in love with reading again and I'd start a good book whenever I felt overwhelmed. I had the best elementary school teachers who taught us that books were passports to other worlds. We had days that we could come to school dressed as our favorite character and even contests to write alternate endings to our favorite stories. My love of reading gave way to my overly active imagination. As a kid, I'd literally get swept up into a good plot. One of my favorite stories growing up was "Where the Wild Things Are". 

About a month ago, I visited the Breman Jewish Heritage Museum to view the exhibit dedicated to Maurice Sendak and his legendary children's book. The nostalgia was almost overwhelming. Technically, the interactive exhibits were for children to enjoy, but I just couldn't resist.

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Another one of my faves is "The Grouchy Ladybug". Since I can remember, my mom has called me ladybug, and I'm not a morning person, so I always felt the ladybug's pain in the story! I See a Story: The Art of Eric Carlisle is another art exhibit that gave me major throwback vibes. Of course I had to check it out.