7 Things 2Chainz Taught Me About Branding

Good branding and successful site activations make my heart flutter. Seriously. I love when people put in the time and effort to make sure that their product or service lands in the laps of their intended consumers. Rapper 2Chainz just pulled off a flawless execution of his "TRVP" campaign to promote his latest album, Pretty Girls Like Trap Music. After visiting his pop up shop in Atlanta, I couldn't help but notice that 2Chainz and Street Execs were really giving away free game. Here's a list of 7 branding gems I learned from 2Chainz:

Peep the aesthetics. The font he used on his tour calendar is the same as the graffiti inside of the pop up which is the same as the font on his album cover. This lettering is so unique and that's what makes it easily recognizable. Now whenever you see "TRVP" you'll automatically associate it with this project. And the millennial pink-- genius!


Here's a picture of 1530 Howell Mill Rd in March of this year. If you live on the west side of Atlanta, you've probably driven up and down Howell Mill a million times and never thought twice about this building. I don't know what it was before, but now it's covered in pink paint with a dope art museum inside - it's an Instagram destination. Check the hashtag #prettygirlsliketrapmusic and you'll see tons of pics of people-- half of them probably didn't know who 2Chainz was until recently. Job well done.

Most visitors only take the chance to pose with the pink cutlass parked on the front lawn, but if you go inside, you'll see that it's an entire experience. There are original paintings for sale in every room of the house. Not only is the album getting promoted, but tons of local artists are getting great exposure.

The TRVP House is dope- but they didn't stop there. Over the weekend, 2Chainz announced the TRVP Salon. You can now go get a full set in cutest pink nail salon in the city. 

And there's more. Tonight, you can sip and paint at the TRVP House courtesy of 2Chainz. Everyone loves these beginner paint classes that allow you to eat and drink as you create your own portrait. There will be two sessions and seating is limited.

Spotify is a major sponsor for the TRVP Salon and they promoted it like crazyyyy. Now, on top of his loyal fans, the hairweavekiller has different demographics showing up to the salon just to see what the hype is about. Take notes.

Let's talk about the pop-up again. A pink house in the middle of a busy street is guaranteed to catch people's eye. But, how do you get them to stick around? A museum is genius! And admission? Free* with the purchase of an album or merchandise. I see you 2Chainz, and I respect it. Get that money!

In less than a week, 2Chainz had listening parties in LA, NYC and Atlanta. Two of them got shut down by fire marshalls. Do you think that stopped anything? Nope. When fans got turned away in New York, 2Chainz promised something bigger and better to make sure everyone got a chance to hear the album. He delivered. The next night, he had a bigger venue with exclusive merch. 

If you weren't a 2Chainz fan before, you probably are now. And even if you don't vibe to his music, you probably respect his hustle now. Social media has been bombarded with photos of people in front of the TRVP House and standing in line for the Salon. You can't not see it. Let this project be the branding inspiration you need for the rest of 2017! Make your product or service irresistible- even to people who didn't know they needed it. 

Sydnei Jarman