MODERN MUSIC - Chance the Rapper

Oh, Chancellor.

Chance the Rapper is an incredible artist, an amazing dad, and a fine ass man. 

I absolutely adore him but last week he caught a major side eye from me. He released his campaign for "Thank You Obama" and my heart fluttered. Unfortunately, so did my wallet. The Barack + Michelle airbrushed shirt is going for a cool $50. I know what you're thinking.. "didn't she just pay more than that for a screen print t-shirt at the St. Pablo pop-up store?" Ok. Well 1) mind ya business. 2) That was a lesson learned lol. I was afraid that my celebrity crush had gone hipster on me. But fret not. He won my heart back today with the visuals for "Same Drugs" from the record "Coloring Book". I prefer the mixtape version of the song but this video is super dope check it out below and tell me what you think. Follow me on Twitter @_syddarlingg.


Sydnei Jarman