Summer Reading List

Every Summer, I head to the beach with at least one book, and every Summer I end up on chapter 9 or 10 and never finish said book. Not this year. I don't care what it takes, but I am absolutely going to finish every book I start.



Fist up, The Mothers.

Brit Bennett's literary debut has garnered national attention and critical acclaim. The protagonist, Nadia Turner is grieving after her mother's sudden suicide. The novel follows her journey into womanhood and will leave you with your own "what ifs".




The title says it all. Need some motivation? Look no further!



Here's another great book if you need motivation. Each page is a short story from George Lois's life. Each one is transparent, relatable and real. I started the book on my plane ride to Denver last month and finished it before we landed. I'm going to run this one back just to make sure I caught every lesson!

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