White Hot!

Summer is the perfect season for two of my favorite trends: backless and all-white. Summer is also the perfect season to combine the two. When I was younger, I was super self-conscious about my body. I hated showing long arms. I shied away from anything that would show my back. And I hated wearing anything that made my legs look longer than they already were. I would cringe when people would joke that I'm "all skin and bones". Middle school was tough. Especially at P.E. when I didn't quite fill out my gym uniform like the other 8th grade girls. For me, my saving grace was my long hair. I felt like it distracted people from how thin I was, plus, if I wore a halter top my hair covered my back. 

I carried these insecurities with me well into college. It wasn't until my junior year that the light bulb finally went off. I'm popping! And I don't mean that in an arrogant, obnoxious way. It was almost like in a movie, when a woman has an epiphany and runs to the salon to chop her hair off. And that's exactly what I did. I had been taking terrible care of my hair so it was thin and stiff anyway. So why not chop it off?! My brain was sold on the idea. When I saw my hair hit the floor and felt air on my neck, my heart felt a different emotion. I was so upset with myself that I'd made that decision. But I couldn't turn back.

At 25, I am now the woman that 15 year old Sydnei would've never imagined. These days, I'm rocking an afro or a short pixie cut. I really love my long legs and I look for any excuse to show my back. I've learned to embrace everything that makes me Sydnei. If I could tell my younger self anything, it would be to take a chill pill because this is the only body you're going to get!

My favorite jumpsuit this summer is backless with a peek-a-boo front. It's a crisp white and it's tailored to stop just above my ankles. I read somewhere that that makes your legs look longer. (Or I could totally be making that up, can't remember).

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