Crown Me

This Summer, my hair went on a heat-free diet. No silk press, no curling iron, no blow dryer. I sat on YouTube for hours trying to perfect my twist outs and broke two perfectly good combs. But it was worth it! My hair and confidence have grown and I'm learning to love every kink and coil!

Recently, I read an article about a guy who pressures his girlfriend into wearing her hair straight. He explains that her natural hair is "less feminine" than her hair when it's straight.

Major eye roll.

Bantu knots and cornrows don't make a woman any less feminine than extensions and blowouts. I was too chicken to dive right in and do "the big chop" so I gradually started cutting my hair shorter and shorter. It's been about five years since my first cut and this was the first time I had ever worn my hair in it's natural state. I never felt any less fierce. In fact, my afro gave me some sort of super girly, run the world, I'm the boss confidence.

The pictures below are some of my favorites because the Sun was shining so perfectly on my afro. It's almost as if Jesus himself deep conditioned my tresses. A little sequins, a cute skirt and my crown were all I needed to feel like the ultimate princess! Check out a few of the photos below!