Labor Day PT 2

Yesterday I talked about the story behind a very famous fashion faux pas. Wearing white after Labor Day (insert dramatic gasp) has been seen as a no-no since the late 1800s. I've changed my attitude towards this unwritten rule but plenty of people still follow it sharply.

The first post was all about dressing it up, today, we're dressing it down! The best way to wear casual chic? Overalls! Yes.. I said overalls. They are so cute and so comfortable. For me, overalls are still all the rage!

First, the classic overalls. In white, of course.

One thing to know about me, I HATE wedge heels. But these shoes??? They are perfect in my eyes. They're a really pretty coral color and the perfect height. Surprisingly, they are super comfortable as well. I paired them with these white overalls to add a splash of color!

Next up, the overall dress.

Espadrille sneakers are the greatest. Especially these floral pattern one Steve Madden. 

Overalls are really trendy right now and can be worn to a picnic, brunch and church! Do you have a favorite pair of overalls? Share your pictures with me on social media!