Bardot Babe

Another week in the books!! The very first official HML newsletter went out this week and I've been receiving amazing feedback. If you find yourself disappointed because the year is flying by right before your eyes and you haven't hit all of your marks- you're not alone. There are lots of things that we can't control, but there's one major thing that we can, procrastination. Subscribe today to find out my three quick tips to a procrastination-free September.

Tomorrow, we will enter double digits for the month of September. That means cooler weather is soon to come. If you're like me, you can't enough of these sunny summer days. I honestly wished I lived in a place where it was 82 degrees and sunny every single day. A girl can dream! Before we're completely bombarded by hoodie weather I'm trying to wear every summery outfit that's in my closet.

This season, off the shoulder, bardot tops were huge! Literally, everywhere I turned someone was showing a little shoulder. This trend will probably last well into fall before old man winter comes around. Personally, if the temperature drops below 70 I'm covering up every body part possible. I have to get in on the bardot action while I can. I recently purchased a two piece in a coral/pink-ish color that I am in love with. The great thing about two piece outfits is that they can be worn separately to create multiple looks. My favorite thing about this particular outfit (besides the color) is the price. The top and skirt were bought together for.... $27! Seriously. I'm ballin' on a budget so wallet-friendly outfits have a special place in my heart!

Check out my fit below and get details on my Instagram!