Things to Do: Los Angeles


Los Angeles is filled with art museums and galleries. One of my favorites is The Broad (pronounced like "road", with a B". I've been trying to get inside for two years. In 2015, we planned to go over Christmas break. We showed up and the line was literally wrapped around the block.

PRO TIP: Reserve tickets in the morning, you can get up to four- for free!

We stood in line for an hour and only moved about a foot- we said forget that! This time I knew better and reserved ahead of time. Another pro tip, if you want to see the Infinity Room, get the earliest time possible. We got there at noon and the wait time for the exhibit was two hours. Girllll. I was a bit annoyed because I wanted to do it for the 'gram. But the rest of the museum definitely lived up to the hype!


Dress comfortably. The Observatory is on top of a steep hill overlooking the city of Los Angeles. Unless you luck up and get a good parking spot, you'll be hiking to get to it. We circled the entire park three times before getting a spot- at the bottom of the hill. Nevertheless, it was worth it. The views were amazinggggg. There's a planetarium and cafe inside that offer people a place to just chill. 

PRO TIP: Make sure you check the times for the telescope before you go.

If you squint hard enough you can see the Hollywood sign in the background of some of the pictures.


Again friends, dress comfortably. These steps are NO JOKE. There's one set that I swear went on forever. The steps go up the side of a residential hill in the Silverlake community. The views were breath-taking. Seriously, we had to stop and look around once or twice. See for yourself.


You guys. I can't even say enough about the Museum of Ice Cream. The sprinkle pool, the banana swings- the fact that Beyonce went there. It was the cutest museum I've ever been too. Each room had it's own theme, complete with ice cream and gummy bears. Did I mention that Beyonce visited the museum?