10 Tips to Improve Your Resume

Functional Resume - Overview, When to Use, How to Write

Resume this, resume that. If you’re on the search for the perfect job, you’re probably exhausted just thinking about your resume. But don’t fret, Her Modern Life is here to make things a bit easier for you.

Before You Press Send: Use These 10 Resume Tips

  • Resumes must identify specific successful outcomes – not just what you did! If you can’t share the outcome, don’t tell the story. You can almost always find a way to talk about an outcome. Quantify outcomes by using $, % and # to demonstrate achievements. Use the appropriate action verbs to emphasize accomplishments.
  • Avoid useless words like “responsibilities”, “responsibilities include” or “duties include.” Also you don’t have to label your email address with the word “email” anymore. Remove “References Available” as well.
  • Use Action Verbs such as “managed”, “improved” and “delivered” etc. on your resume to describe accomplishments.
  • Add volunteerism and community service experience to enhance your resume. Sometimes, for new grads and career changers moving from one industry to the next, this is all you have.
  • Change the resume objective statement (Yes, some people don’t like objectives. We still do) as needed according to the job. Know how to write a great resume objective statement.
  • Do not use one-word resume objectives or one-word descriptions of what you did. eg. Sales, Customer Service, or Engineer.
  • Consider writing a strong “Summary of Qualifications” or “Career Profile” instead of an objective. Get professional help with this so you are as succinct as you can be and still be effective.
  • Use industry “buzz words” or “keywords” on a resume. Don’t go overboard with “keyword stuffing”, but enough so people know you know what you are talking about.
  • One specific phrase to avoid – Entry Level. No need.
  • Add your LinkedIn profile information on your resume. If you don’t have one, please create one.

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