Embrace Your PUNCH!

The Sour Punch® Embrace Your Punch Tour will travel to 9 major U.S. cities with a message about self-love and embracing what makes us all dope as hell.

The first stop on the tour was Hangout Music Festival. I got to chat with brand reps about what Embracing Your Punch means to them.

Kylie Martin and Kyle Stout know exactly what it means to embrace your punch. When I caught with the brand reps, they handing out tons of candy and Sour Punch flavored lip balms.

HML: Tell us a little bit about why you’re at Hangout Fest and what the tour is all about.

KM: It’s all about celebrating what makes each and every one of us uniqu and different. So we really want everyone to spread kindness and just be nice. We’re so excited to be here.

Sour Punch just introduce three new flavors of their trademark “straws” ; I had to know which one they loved the most.

KM: Ooohh, that’s a hard one. We just launched three new combo flavors and I think they’re all good. But I’m going to go with Grape Pineapple.You wouldn’t expect those to go together but it’s really good.

KS: My favorite flavor is Berry Lemonade

HML: How many Sour Straws could you eat in five minutes?

KM: If I’m pushing it, maybe 100

Of course Kyle had to one up that.

KS: I’d go for 300.

The gauntlet had been thrown down.

After an intense stare down, we continued about the message of the tour. Kylie has personally vowed to do at least one thing a day to make someone else’s day better. Kyle echoed that sentiment, adding that good deeds cost nothing but have a huge reward. 

The Embrace Your Punch tour will continue at the Alpharetta Arts Festival in Atlanta next and concludes on July 18 in Chicago for National Sour Candy Day.

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