Trend: The Dad Sneaker

*Disclaimer* — learn from my mistake, do not wear sneakers to the beach (unless you prefer aesthetics over comfort)

Obviously, Rule #1 of attending a beach festival is to wear your swimsuit under your regular clothes. This makes it super easy to go from getting food to playing in the Ocean.

Bicycle shorts will also be a must have this Summer. They’re a better alternative to jean shorts!

The star of my beach outfit was clearly my FILA dad sneakers. Nostalgia overload. A paired them with socks to stay true to the 90s vibe.

Of course I wore an HML Signature T-shirt for all interviews.

For interviews, I chose to put on jeans (also-bad decision).. To give myself some ventilation, I went with the pocket-less jeans pictured above. I’m not really big on trends, but I came across these in the mall for $25…. how could I not?!

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