OOTD: Chanel Suspenders

If you know me, you’re already familiar with my slight obsession of Lil’ Kim in the 90s. And if you don’t know me, but you follow me on Instagram- then you’ve picked up on it (save your judgement lol) I’m secretly on a quest to remake some of her most iconic outfits from her glory days. I started with her Chanel suspenders from Missy Elliott’s “Rain” video. I’ve been searching high and low for about two years to find a pair of the classic suspenders. Then, Beyonce recreated the look for Halloween last year and I knew that I had to get my hands on a pair. With the help of a personal shopper (who I found on Instagram), an novelty clothier collector and some savvy bargaining, I finally found my babies! 

This time, I went for a more practical feel, but I’m really going to have fun styling theses in the future.

Sidenote… my big sis got me “Hard Core” on vinyl for my birthday. Talk about real love!

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