7 Things 2Chainz Taught Me About Branding

Last summer, 2 Chainz turned an album release party into a social media marketing gem. The Pink Trap House was all over Instagram for months. This was originally published about a month after the House opened and described all of the lessons I learned from Tity Boi’s pop up shop. Twelve months later and the nation still has “trap” fever. Event organizers started throwing the word “trap” on everything- trap yoga, trap brunch… even trap church (seriously). America has always had an infatuation with urban culture. 2 Chainz successfully turned Atlanta drug culture into a household name. Everyone is “trappin” now. Most recently, rapper TI opened his Trap Museum, featuring the pink ‘Lac from the Trap House. With the success of another trap art installation, I revisited the lessons I learned from the original.

The city of Atlanta temporarily turned pink for a few months. Everything was pink- party flyers, brunch menus, tshirts. You couldn’t escape it. But that’s what made it special. The sports teams in Atlanta always paint the city black or red, so pink was different. It was the signature color for an entire album and installation. It wasn’t just a trap house, it was a PINK trap house.

As for the location of the Trap House, it was right under our noses. In fact, the home was actually set to be demolished a few months prior to 2 Chainz renting the space. It was a regular house until a little creativity turned it into an Instagram destination. Use the regular resources you have to make something spectacular.

Last Summer, it was an album release party. Since then, 2Chainz has turned the Trap House into a joint venture with 13 Stories, Santa’s Wonderland and a working recording studio. One idea sparked tons of other ideas. Never stop creating opportunities for yourself or your community.

Go big or don’t even bother. A pink house in the middle of Atlanta was cool, but then they threw a pink car in the front yard, and then a stove, and then props. Basically, if you’re going to do something, go all out. Give it all of you!

Success is a team sport. Members of a team rely on each other to get things done. If you aren’t looking at your network like a team, you’ve already lost. The Pink Trap House was the result of a collective effort from the entire Street Execs group.

Set a plan then work your plan. Simple

The best one. Creativity, ingenuity and networking will get you nowhere if you can’t stick with it. Part of working your plan is being able to see it through. Even when things don’t go as planned.


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  1. December 17, 2018 / 10:52 pm

    “Set your plan, then work the plan.” This is such simple, powerful gold right here!

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