A Black Lady Sketch Show

This weekend over 1 million “Black ladies” gathered in New Orleans for the 25th annual Essence Fest. Her Modern Life was invited to the HBO Loft for a series of events centered around the celebration of our culture. A screening of “A Black Lady Sketch Show” literally brought the audience to tears (of laughter).

The HBO Loft is tucked away from the bustle of the New Orleans Convention center and most of the Essence Fest crowd but, it honed a certain magic of its own. The screening and panel conversation for A Black Lady Sketch Show (#ABLSS) offered community and hilarious conversation.

The stars of the show, Robin Thede, Quinta Brunson, Ashley Nicole Black and Gabrielle Dennis are all hilarious on their own- but when you put them together, the jokes are endless. There are tons of sketch shows for general audiences but the producers and comediennes in #ABLSS were intentional in their humor. If it isn’t obvious by the title, this sketch show caters to black women- of every walk of life. The punchlines and scenarios were honest and relatable. It’s that pure authenticity that will set #ABLSS apart from other comedy shows on late night television.

Oh and did I mention that the gorgeously handsome Broderick Hunter was there? *SWOONS*

A Black Lady Sketch Show premiers on HBO on August 2nd at 11PM.

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