A Letter to Myself

Every year, I pen a letter to myself. It’s cathartic and it serves as a good way to look back and be thankful.

Hey girl!

Twenty six was a hot mess. In the most beautiful way possible. You had your heartbroken. Your heart was broken, stomp on and thrown to the wolves. IT WAS ROUGH! You never even saw it coming. But look at how you persevered. You surprised everyone baby girl. What was meant to break you, literally turned you into the baddest b*tch ever. But through all of this, I want you to remember that you actually prayed for this. You asked God to shed all of the dead weight from your life and then BOOM! You broke up with Antoine. Coincidence? I think not. 

Fast forward to 27 and you should be proud af. You’ve accomplished so much in a year, and this is just the beginning. Remember– perseverance and discipline. Cry when you need to, but don’t sulk in the moment. You’ve got so much ahead of you and you need the right people in your circle to help you get there. Keep shining Syd! Read this letter whenever you need too.

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