adidas x SNIPES host Peach Tree Event

SNIPES and adidas Launched “Peach Tree” Forum Low with Community Event in Atlanta

SNIPES, a leading urban fashion retailer, successfully partnered with adidas to unveil the highly anticipated SNIPES exclusive adidas Forum Low “Peach Tree” colorway – a sneaker inspired by Atlanta. To commemorate this momentous occasion, SNIPES hosted the “Peach Tree” event, which brought together the legacy of the iconic shoe and the vibrant cultural epicenter of Atlanta, Georgia. The event included a 3v3 basketball tournament, a double dutch competition, the Jonesboro High School Marching Band, BBQ & soul food, music from local Atlanta DJ’s, and more. Additionally, SNIPES refurbished the Melvin Drive Park basketball court with a custom design inspired by the sneaker colorway.

The adidas Forum was introduced in 1984 and quickly gained recognition as the most technologically advanced basketball sneaker of its time. Worn by legendary athletes throughout history, the Forum received immediate acclaim on the court and captured the hearts of sneaker enthusiasts in the streets. The Peach Tree 404s, arriving just in time for summer, were the colorways that brought the JUICE! Representing Atlanta, these SNIPES exclusives stole the show. Gaining significant attention on the basketball court and in popular music, the Forum cemented its iconic status. This iteration of the classic shoes paid homage to its 80s roots, featuring an ankle strap design alongside low-top craftsmanship intended for casual streetwear.

To celebrate the launch of the SNIPES exclusive adidas Forum Low “Peach Tree” colorway, SNIPES organized a day-long celebration that honored the South’s unique approach to the game of basketball, encompassing not only stylish kicks but also on-court competitions.

On Saturday, June 3, SNIPES collaborated with adidas to launch the Forum Low “Peach Tree” SMU through an exhilarating 3-on-3 basketball tournament held in the heart of Atlanta. The tournament showcased the talents of the most skilled hoopers from the 404 area code. The competition featured six teams, engaging in a single-game elimination format. The tournament commenced at 12:00 PM ET and culminated with a championship game, where the victors claimed the grand prize. As a tribute to Atlanta’s Olympic legacy, the winners of the 3-on-3 basketball competition were awarded custom SNIPES & adidas gold medals, adorned with a Peaches & Cream ribbon.

To ensure a thrilling atmosphere and maintain high energy levels throughout the event, SNIPES enlisted the finest Atlanta high school cheer squad, the Georgia State Hoops Champs Wheeler H.S. Cheer Squad, to perform during timeouts and between each round. Additionally, as marching bands are an integral part of Atlanta’s cultural fabric, SNIPES invited the Jonesboro High Schoool marching band perform throughout the 3-on-3 tournament. As part of the afternoon’s programming, SNIPES also hosted an exciting double-dutch competition, welcoming both top athletes and fans to participate.

Furthermore, Atlanta boasts a rich culinary heritage, renowned for its soul food and barbecue. In honor of the Forum’s release on Memorial Day, SNIPES hosted the ultimate cookout, showcasing the best of Southern cuisine.



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