Anderson .Paak and the Free Nationals

Talk about energy! Anderson came with it- not that I expected anything less. He made Hangout Festival special for me. I’ve never seen him perform live, but his music gives off care-free, high energy vibes. From the moment they stepped on stage, Anderson and the Free Nationals gave us drum breaks, guitar solos, dance moves and a wardrobe change. 


He performed everything that we knew + some new tunes, including “Bubblin”. 

He had a stage presence that was infectious. The girls beside me didn’t know a single word to his biggest hit “Come Down”, but by the time the concert was over- she’d declared that she was a huge fan. 

If you’re looking for a performer whose lyricism intrigues you, and makes you want to dance no matter where you are, Anderson .Paak is a must see!


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