Angela Lewis Talks Snowfall and Enjoying Motherhood

Source: LA Sentinel

Angela Lewis plays “Aunt Louie” on Snowfall, a drama about the crack epidemic of the 80s. It’s safe to say that her character “Aunt Louie” is one of the most beloved characters on the show. Just ahead of this week’s episode, I had the chance to catch up with Angela and talk all things Snowfall and motherhood.

Listen to our interview here:

“Snowfall” was created by the late Academy Award-nominated writer and director, John Singleton. In the series, Aunt Louie steps into the role as Franklin’s right hand and is a pivotal component in their family drug business. Aunt Louie is deeply layered, a woman who is determined to rise above the murk that surrounds her life. A woman that could be best described as discontented and at the core of that restless nature, the reason she’s made so many mistakes over and over again. In the new season, those mistakes have come home to roost. The Internet is full of theories about Aunt Louie’s fate this season and Angela dropped a major hint during our interview.

In season three, everything is changing fast. Franklin Saint (Damson Idris) out of jail and changed by that experience. His mother has now accepted his illegal operation and he decides to expand deeper into real estate. Those closest to him, his lieutenants—are expanding their perspective on the operations and how the drug game really works.

The cast also includes Damson Idris, Emily Rios, Isaiah John.

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