The Law of Attraction

There’s been so much talk about energy and manifesting that I decided to do some research about the specifics. A simple Google search sent me down an Internet rabbit hole of information. Apparently, Law of Attraction is just one of the 12 universal laws  annnnnd there are seven laws that fall under the Law of Attraction alone.

  1. Magnetism
  2. Manifestation
  3. Unwavering Desire
  4. Delicate Balance
  5. Harmony
  6. Right Action
  7. Universal Influence

The thought of “what you put out returns to you” is a simple synopsis but I took some notes and decided to share them the HML way!

Seems simple but most of us overlook this basic building block. Be specific.

Write it down- make it plain.
Pray about it as if it’s already done.
Tell yourself everyday, a million times a day- it’s done!
See yourself already reaching your goal. What does it look like? What are you wearing? Who’s around? What’s different?
You can believe, affirm and visualize all you want- but until you get up and make moves toward your goal, you’ll stay in the same place.
It won’t be easy, but stay the course!
Meditate. Pray.
Expressing gratitude is key! Your support system is key. Tell people thank you, show people that you’re thankful!

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