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Recently, Her Modern Life sat down with Akilah Ffriend, Tori Brixx, Brii Renee and Kennedy Rue on the set of Black Girl Stuff (BGS). We talked all things girl power, social justice and of course what’s to come on season two of the show.

The ‘Black Girl Stuff’ (BGS) cast is made up of 4 hosts; Brii ReneeBritt HallTori Brixx, and Akilah Ffriend, and 1 entertainment correspondent, Kennedy Rue.

In a world full of podcasts and talk shows, BGS stands out amongst the rest. Bringing together a group of Black women from different backgrounds makes the show unique and brings a genuine perspective to its audience.

Unless you live under a rock, you’ve heard the horror stories about the dynamics of women in group and professional settings. But the hosts of Black Girl Stuff are defying those claims. Each woman brings a certain flair to the show- leaning on the diversity of the hosts to make the talk show that much more interesting. Because of this diversity, we can all see a little bit of ourselves in each woman. Each opinion can be appreciated even if it’s not necessarily validated.

The ladies have the capacity to be light-hearted and fluffy while also tackling very serious issues. Being able to inform audiences about the world around them is a priority for the hosts. When the news cycle gets a bit depressing, Black Girl Stuff finds the joy in every moment without becoming shallow.

Season two is in full swing and there’s no slowing down for the Black Girl Stuff family. You’ll have to tune in to Revolt TV to hear from the ladies and their amazing guests.

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