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Books for the Block is a new community outreach initiative by Her Modern Life. This is an initiative that promotes literacy in underserved neighborhoods (ie the Block).

HML is building small book exchanges across the country- for free. Each exchange is being built in Black and Brown communities across the country. These exchanges are like small, independent libraries. Community members of all ages can walk up to an exchange an grab some reading material in exchange for another book or magazine.

books for the block

Books for the Block started with as a collaboration with my good friend Jeremy Kelly of Kelly Realty, LLC. The first book exchange was unveiled on Juneteenth 2020 in Montgomery, Alabama. The Fairview Farmers Market served as the first location for the exchange program. Fairview is a mostly Black community on the west side of Montgomery, the capital of Alabama. Despite its vast population, Fairview is in the dead center of a food desert. The Farmers Market is the only source of fresh fruits and vegetables for that entire side of town.

Donations are accepted through Zelle ( or Cashapp ($sydjarman).

All donations go towards building the book exchanges. This includes construction, paint and landscaping. Exchange boxes are built in all sizes and can built into the ground or on the side of a building.

Donations also go towards filling the boxes up. Gently used books are welcome as well.

Books by Black and Brown authors are in high demand- as well as educational booklets and workbooks.

Great reader also make great writers. If you’re looking to flex your writing skills, grab our Writing Prompts package.

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