Sustainable Fashion: Lacoste

In 2018, The French clothing brand Lacoste replaced its iconic crocodile logo with ten endangered animals including the Sumatran Tiger and the Anegada Rock Iguana. The Lacoste team created 10 limited edition polo shirts, where… View Post

Gold Earrings for the Zodiac Lover

No outfit is complete without the perfect pair of gold earring. Hoops or studs, they are always a great accessory. Have you ever left home without earrings on? The worst. Earrings, especially gold earrings, elevate… View Post

A Birkin Bag Is A Great Investment

The Hermès Birkin handbag is the most exclusive purse in the world — and if you can somehow get your hands on one, it turns out it’s not a bad way to spend your money.… View Post

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