Starting a Meditation Practice (How-to)

You may have heard it before – meditation is easy. Everyone seems to be turning to it via classes, an app, do it yourself. And while meditation is certainly moving into mainstream discussions, some corporations even offer meditation spaces to… View Post

Illuminarium Experience Atlanta

Illuminarium Experiences, A Breakthrough Global Experiential Entertainment Company, to Open World’s First Illuminarium on Atlanta Beltline in July 2021. New 30,000 Square-Foot Immersive Entertainment Venue to Open with Beauty and Splendor of Africa’s Most Exotic… View Post

Faith’s Graduation Tea

Faith Gatson was the moment. So, my pretend baby cousin recently graduated from high school, and in the spirit of “Black girls doing fancy things”…. her real cousin, Gabrielle hosted a beautiful tea for Faith’s… View Post

Modern Mondays

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