Crystal-Lee Naomi stars in TUBI’s Brand-New Original Thriller “Twisted House Sitter”

Crystal-Lee Naomi stars in Twisted House Sitter, a brand-new summer original film streaming on Tubi. I got a chance to chat with the actress about the film and why viewers will love it.

Twisted House Sitter streaming: where to watch online?


Sydnei Jarman interviews Crystal-Lee Naomi

Crystal-Lee plays Alicia, a rideshare driver who will quite literally do anything for a taste of the luxurious life. She gets her chance at the good life when she gets a rider, Morgan- who is a social media guru. Jennifer Freeman plays Morgan (who we may remember from My Wife and Kids). Morgan decides she needs a digital detox and a getaway. After dropping Morgan off at the airport, Alicia notices that Morgan left behind a set of keys. Of course chaos ensues. Crystal-Lee’s character gives off major delusional vibes and that’s just my type of carrying on.

If you love a good Lifetime thriller or Hallmark mystery movie- you’ll love Twisted House Sitter.

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