Danessa Myricks GRWM Tour: Atlanta

Danessa Myricks kicked off her Get Ready With Me Tour in Atlanta and Her Modern Life was invited to join the DMB (Danessa Myricks Beauty) team in celebrating the launch of the revolutionary Groundwork Defining Neutrals All Over Face Palette.

The Groundwork Defining Neutrals Palette has ten shades: five Velvet Pomades and five Shape N’ Fix Powders. The powders are made with Upsalite infused oil, which is super absorbent – so sweaty girls (like me) tap in. The shades are appropriately named Sandstone, Desert, Mirage, Chiseled, Sculpted, Stone, Core, Harvest, Bark and Tourmaline.

From the brand: From sunrise to sunset, we paint our faces to face the world. The truest expression of how we want to present ourselves happens, alone in the quiet hours of soft light behind our brush. With each stroke bringing us closer to confidence, connecting us to our tribe and grounding us in our daily rituals. Adorning our faces with the sanctified colors found on Mother Earth with [ten neutral shades]. These natural tones are intended to shape, sculpt, define and line. Exploring light and dark to enhance who we are, all while bringing you into alignment with your highest expression of your personal beauty. These grounding moments are for you. It’s divine time to look in the mirror and remind yourself of your exquisiteness.

The event took place at Indie Studios; a “culturally based” workspace. Originally a warehouse, Indie Studios is now a super aesthetically pleasing mixed use space. The DMB team welcomed us in and directed us to a cocktail hour before we were ushered in to another room for the live demo. I wasn’t sure what to expect but I was completely blown away by the thought and strategy put into this event.

Before settling at a vanity station, we were individually shade matched. A professional makeup artist assessed our skin tone and skin type and recommended a foundation shade. After a match, we could choose between a blurring balm powder (matte finish) or a serum skin tint (dewy finish).


By the time I received my foundation shade, I was overly excited for the rest of the experience. When I sat down at my vanity station I was in awe. In addition to my new foundation, there was the Groundwork Palette, six shades of blush, a tube of glow serum and three tubes of Colorfix ( which won the 2020 Allure Best of Beauty Award Winner). If you’re keeping count, that’s lotsss of Danessa Myricks Beauty product.

I was anxious about the live demo because I was seated at a station full of beauty and skin care professionals. Luckily, Danessa was the best instructor and the complimentary champagne didn’t hurt either! We went step by step on creating the perfect look for whatever vibe we wanted achieve.

Beyond the swag bags, one of my favorite takeaways from the event was simply being part of this community. I walked away with a new way of thinking about makeup. Maybe it isn’t all about vanity. This palette truly lives up to its name. I felt so grounded while doing my own makeup. There were no rules, only suggestions. And every time I thought I did something wrong, I was reassured that it’s impossible to do wrong as long as I’m comfortable with the look. Even more, as a dark brown girl, DMB has truly affirmed that beauty standards should be challenged by us all.


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