Donna Summer: The Fashion Doll

Donna Summer was.. and still is the ultimate disco muse. I’ve been saying this since forever and I’ll continue my Donna Summer Supremacy agenda. When you think about disco, you should think about Donna. The two are synonymous. I’m not one of those “I was born in the wrong decade” type of gals — but I truly envy my mother for experiencing the 70s as a teen. Side note, my mom also gave the girls LOOKS in her prime!

“Hot Stuff”, the groovy “Bad Girls”, and, of course, the dizzying “I Feel Love”, the sounds of which continue to resonate into the 21st century. While Donna is renowned for her groundbreaking music, the late singer is also one of the 70s greatest fashion icons. Much like her number one singles, Donna’s style came to define the disco era in sexy halter necklines, extravagant feathered capes and myriad sequined gowns.

I went to a disco/70’s themed party a few months ago so of course I channeled my girl.

Before Donna became the “queen of disco”, she made a name for herself in musical theater. In 1969, the Boston-born singer landed the role of Sheila in countercultural musical Hair, moving to Munich to take part in the play’s German production. As a product of performing arts schools, I stan!

In 1979, Donna won her first American Music Awards: Favorite Female Artist, Favorite Album and Favorite Single, all under the newly-minted disco category. The wins cemented the singer’s status as the true Queen of Disco. Here, that same year, Donna performs wearing a very disco look: sequined bustier dress with tulle skirt and a huge flower in her hair.

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