Emailing Etiquette 101

So, you’ve networked on Instagram, and now you’re ready to take things further- I’m talking email! Whether you’re an engineer or photographer, at some point in your career you have to send out emails. Pitches, RFQs, or time off requests- email etiquette can be the difference between a yes and a hell no. It’s also important to keep an organized inbox. Be sure to unsubscribe to email lists that you don’t need and report any spam messages.

email etiquette

In the Social Media Networking post, we discussed how important an introduction is when reaching out to someone via email. But what comes after? If you are really looking forward to speaking with someone, take initiative. Don’t ask “are you free to chat?” The could always say no. Instead, offer available times and be specific: I would love to speak with you this Tuesday at 1:30. Does that work for you? Always have alternative times as well.

Don’t forget basic etiquette. Say hi, good morning, whatever. If you were referred by someone, add that as well.

Finally, but maybe the most important, always use email for good and not evil. Spend about 5-10 of your time expressing gratitude, giving congratulations or offering support. This super professional and very courteous

email etiquette

The new Gmail update also has a reminder feature. It will pick up on key words in an email and send you a reminder to respond. Mine is set for three days. If someone closes an email with “I look forward to hearing back from you” I will have three days to reply before Gmail sends me a reminder. It’s really one of my favorite new features.

The update also lets users send email signatures for common responses. It’s a life saver. Especially if you’re awkward like me and you’re not always sure how to respond. Some of them include “Sure, sounds great” and my personal favorite, “Thanks you, please give me a day or two to finalize details.”

Avoid the back and forth. You know, one person says thank you, then someone else responds with you’re welcome.. And before you know it, there’s an email chain of people basically trying to get the last word.

Now, go out and be great! Don’t forget your salutations and signatures!


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