Four Ways to Have an Amazing Year

Four ways to truly get the most out of this year (according to Sydnei):

MIND YOUR BUSINESS – Everything on this list is FREE.99 but this one is by far my favorite. Social media has made everyone hyper visible. Sometimes it’s good to remind yourself that everything isn’t your business, even if it’s out for public consumption. Everyone just relax and mind the business that pays you. Focusing on yourself has so many benefits: decreased imposter syndrome, decreased social anxiety and comparison.

LOVE YOURSELF – Pretty self-explanatory but it’s much easier said than done! Loving yourself means taking care of your mind, body and spirit. Have you eaten today? Have you scheduled a doctors appointment? When is the last time you treated yourself? I also feel that self care is a component in community care, which should always be the bigger picture.

BE KIND TO OTHERS – Again, this is completely free. Be nice. It really shouldn’t be such a hard concept.

SPREAD JOY – Call your loved ones. Do something kind for a stranger. Show sympathy. Understand empathy. We all have our “stuff”, try making someone else’s stuff lighter if you can!

Only four. and they’re all free. xo Sydnei


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