Girl Power: Uncensored with Jae Nash


Professionally, Jae Nash does many things. If you live in Atlanta you’re probably familiar with her work on V103 or with The Atlanta Voice. But how does she define herself? Jae Nash is a mother. A sister/friend and more importantly an advocate for girls and women.

Jae Nash is set to release a collection of women’s stories titled “Girl Power: Uncensored.” The compilation shares the struggles of real women, who have faced very real obstacles. Unfortunately, while most of their stories are not uncommon, they are also some of the hardest things to discuss; which is “Girl Power: Uncensored” serves as a testament that most women can relate to. 

JN: I watched myself, and women, suffer silently for way too long. We’ve suffered from depression, guilt, pain, generational curses, relationships and so on, and have never healed. Some of us have taken that pain into our adult lives, which has affected us tremendously. It was time to free ourselves from bondage and express our truth, unapologetically. Additionally, I wanted to take the radio platform I built “Girl Power Hour Radio” and turn it into a book. We were so limited on the radio with what we could say; I wanted us to be uncensored in telling our individual stories.

It’s bigger than me. It’s about the Yayi’s, the Nikki’s, the Chanels, the Tanisha’s, the Sarah’s, and so in the world. I wanted “Girl Power: Uncensored” to be relatable to women. Every story is different in the book. Someone would be able to relate to a story or three. It’s just that good! 

In Jae’s personal chapter, she speaks on pain and healing
but healing is easier said than done.

I went to therapy. I meditated often. I built a personal relationship with God. I talked through my issues with people I trust. I was a beautiful mess who needed peace of mind in order to heal so that my daughter wouldn’t be directly affected by my mess. Plus, just the thought of not ever meeting my biological father, knowing that my daughter can relate now was enough motivation to be better!

It was time. I wanted people to see, rather read, that I wasn’t perfect. Of course, I had second thoughts. I really shared some very intimate details about my personal life. 

We plan to take “Girl Power: Uncensored” on the road, sharing women’s story. 

I am willing to forgive myself and others. I give myself permission to heal. I let go of my perceived pain. I’m willing to see things differently. I see my current circumstances as an opportunity to grow. I see myself as success!


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