Gold Earrings for the Zodiac Lover

No outfit is complete without the perfect pair of gold earring. Hoops or studs, they are always a great accessory. Have you ever left home without earrings on? The worst. Earrings, especially gold earrings, elevate any outfit.

Statement earrings are a staple of my jewelry collection. When most people hear the term “statement jewelry” they think about large, gaudy pieces. For me, dainty pieces are the best statements. These studs from Aurate New York are super cute and very on trend. There’s a renewed interest in zodiac placements and astrology, so they’re a great gift this holiday season. Of course, being a February baby, I love all things Pisces.

These gold studs are a bit smaller, perfect for younger children or professional settings. For those of you who prefer slightly larger pieces, these earrings are great. This three piece set compliment your sun, moon and rising signs. For added sparkle (and splurge) these 14-karat-gold earrings are detailed with sparkling diamonds.

Our Stud Earrings are the (zodiac!) sign you’ve been waiting for.

Follow the signs and let our elegant gold vermeil Zodiac Stud Earrings lead you somewhere interesting. If you are a cusp sign, rejoice, you can wear two different symbols at once, projecting your personality to the world with utmost precision.

from Aurate

Aurate New York sets are unique because, if you are a cusp sign, you can wear two different symbols at once. And, they offer studs with a little razzle dazzle, if you’re feeling fancy.

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  1. Tia D
    December 9, 2019 / 1:03 am

    earrings really do make a huge difference in your outfit! perfect post!

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