Greentop Gifts Interview with founder Jacquelyn Rodgers

Greentop Gifts was started in 2016 by Jacquelyn Rodgers after she noticeda lack of diverse images during the Christmas season.

Jacquelyn says:

Growing up I remember my mother putting Christmas trees in every corner of our house, painting angels and Santa figurines to look like our family for the holidays.  We created memories from those moments and those memories are part of the inspiration behind Greentop Gifts.  We bring diversity to your celebrations with apparel, home decor and stationery.  We began in 2016 making Christmas products solely for our two year old son and we have continued to spread joy to thousands of other households across the United States expanding to other holidays and special celebrations.

Listen to full interview here

Jacquelyn mentions that seeing diverse images aren’t only good for children of color, but also for children all children. Diversity helps kids learn acceptance and empathy-which we could all benefit from.


Greentop Gifts has been featured on NBC News, People Magazine and O, The Oprah Magazine and now Her Modern Life!


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