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Tuskegee University blessed me with a diverse group of people who took me under their wings; providing academic mentoring as well as social connections. Since graduating, I’ve watched classmates become designers, technical experts and professional writers. In this edition of HIS Modern Life, I’d like to introduce you to a new author to add to your reading list: Phil Terrill. Phil’s new book, Collision Course is an inspirational guide to conquering life’s twists and turns. I had the chance to ask the writer a few questions about his work that I know you’ll enjoy.

The 4Fs are FIND, FOCUS, FEED, and FACTS. These are the heart and soul of the book. I thought of these right after the accident as a framework or structure to order my steps. The 4Fs helped me pursue pr­oblems and solve for them with solutions that fit how I operated as a person. Ultimately, these have led me to achieve some of my greatest personal and professional successes including this book. The best outcome is the reader recognizes the 4Fs can help, not cure, their challenge in life by getting to that breakthrough.

First, I have never published a book! So that alone was an obstacle. I didn’t know where to start, but somehow my faith in sharing the testimony lead me in the right direction. Each step, whether editing to publishing, presented new challenges including a printing error in my first shipment. This error was actual on my end when not triple-checking the font color which appeared to be 100% black, but ended up being gray when printed which was very scary. I was against a deadline to get the books to my publicist and this error definitely was a prayerful moment. Lastly, I wanted the book to be less of an extended read and more a manual someone could carry with them as a guide-like resource. That created a challenge in making sure the size was perfect for what I wanted and learning as I went along to ensure the I achieved this vision. Self-publishing is rewarding and very grassroots – each step is an obstacle worth breaking through to ensure the book is successful.

That is a great question Syd! I wanted to really have something people could cozy up to and get intimate with as I share my testimony. Other mediums such as short videos, blogging, etc. were definitely options but to collapse my experience into a book felt right – there were really good vibes. Part of my life goals was to write a book and I figured this could be a great opportunity to use my mistake and help someone else find solace in my story to reach their breakthrough. So I started writing and working on breaking through.

Prayer! No matter the faith or religion. This alone is not the reason why I have experienced transformation, but it a big piece of the equation. My faith was driven by an innate desire to discover reasoning in which the accident happened to me. It was an opportunity to have a transparent conversation with a higher being that in my life influences everything that happens in the way it should by divine intervention. I write in the book that I needed to be “broken” and that was about removing things from life that were not supportive of the internal desire to experience myself through my purpose. You have to speak into existence what you want over your life so whomever you pray to can listen and KNOW that you are aware of how special you are to this world. At that moment you can recognize your place and pour into your purpose.

Wow! This a dope question because when I reflect on where I was at 20 it seems like he would be proud. Honestly, the reality is I don’t think he would have expected to be in this scenario. Sharing with the world a car accident that was the result of a decision to drink and drive. The pride would come from the ability to accept accountability and turn this negative scenario into a powerful breakthrough. A living testimony that people, no matter there situation, can transform and walk in their assignment or truly approach their purpose. I found that in this journey and hope anyone at 20 realizes the magnitude of being socially responsible and making smart decisions. A wise man in Cuba put it best when he stopped me from passing a busy street saying “wait 60-seconds to live another 60” and that as stuck with me since that moment. Drinking and driving is very applicable in that thinking – wait a minute for an Uber, Lyft or designated driver to live another one.

Stay L.I.T. (Living in Triumph) – the rest will happen as it is planned. At some point, readers will recognize that I am not preaching to live a perfect life. I am exposing the need to live your best life in a manner that pours into your triumph. Triumph being defined as the ability to walk in your purpose while bringing others up with you. That is why I included that creation or thinking at the end of the book. I wanted readers to close the book knowing that I am trying to take my experiences and stay in my triumph while exploring my testimony. This is a written conversation that I want to have as readers go on the journey of Collision Course and with me as the author.

Appreciate the Present – Life is about taking your toughest times and utilizing that energy as a catalyst for your next success or breakthrough. When I totaled my car in 2014, I was devastated. It was the abrupt halt that I needed to transform my life. That accident created an opportunity to self-discover what I never had the chance to make room for which was me. That was an epiphanic moment and here I am talking about that in a book hoping to scale those experiences for others. The other part of experiences is you can share, so others do not have to make the same mistakes in their lives. Through the accident, I found my purpose.

Instagram: @catchpt

LinkedIn: philterrill

Official Website: www.readcollisioncourse.com

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/1543935699/ref=dbs_a_def_rwt_bibl_vppi_i1

Barnes and Noble: https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/collision-course-phillip-rt-terrill/1130000610


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