How to be An Ally

Let’s talk about being an ally. Three quarters of white people don’t have any non-white friends, according to the Washington Post. That’s not really surprising but it is alarming. In the fight for equality and justice, marginalized groups need allies now, more than ever.

In terms of social justice, what is an ally? Kayla Reed (@ikaylareed) broke it down for us!





Kate Mara is a really dope example when it comes to being an ally. You may know her from “House of Cards” or more recently, “Pose”. But what you may not know is that the about the actress is that she’s NFL royalty. She is the great-granddaughter of Giants founder Tim Mara and Steelers founder Art Rooney, Sr.

A few months ago, Kate threw her support behind NFL players who kneel during the anthem. “I believe everybody has a constitutional right to stand, or kneel or sit during the national anthem,” the “Pose” actress tells Variety. “So, I stand by the player’s decision whatever that might be.”

Her words of support for players protesting during the anthem came just days after her uncle (Giants co-owner) John Mara’s involvement in helping shape the NFL’s controversial new policy to fine teams if their players kneel during the anthem.

A shady queen. I stan.


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