Human Rights Campaign Atlanta Annual Gala

“We don’t fight singular issues because we don’t live singular issue lives”.

Percy Brown, HRC Atlanta 32nd Gala & Auction Co-Chair

The Human Rights Campaign is leading the charge for reformation in LGBTQ legislation and the Atlanta team celebrated in style during the
32nd Annual HRC Atlanta Gala Dinner & Auction.

Attendees stunned in sequins gowns and custom suits but it was the message of resiliency that electrified the room. Out of the gate, Percy Brown reminded everyone that equality for one community means equality for us all. HRC organizers made it very clear that we are all fighting this fight together.

Sally Field and her son, Sam appeared in a video message that reminded the audience of the sobering facts. Many members of the LGBTQ community are still facing (often violent) opposition across this nation- a country that boasts of being “the land of the free”. Personally, Sam’s message made me think deeper. Societal acceptance has a direct impact on civil liberties. For people of color who identify as LGBTQ, the discrimination is doubled. Like most legislation in the United States, the rights of LGBTQ people vary fro state to state. It isn’t about wedding cakes or Pride Walks. It’s about the fundamental right to live a happy life. Equal access to education, health care or public services should not be out of reach for anyone based on identity.

Later in the night, US Representative Lucy McBath took the stage to deliver the keynote address. Rep. McBath lost her son in 2012, during the height of the Black Lives Movement. Seven years later, McBath has turned her anger and pain into the fuel that drives her work in the House. In general, her story mirrored everyone’s- stand tall in spite of resistance, even when it comes from the highest power in the land. From #blacklivesmatter to #noh8te, we are all on the battle lines for equality.


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