Interview: Miya Bailey

Sunday, March 31, 2019 shook us all to our core. We lost Nipsey Hussle, a giant in our culture. Nipsey was an amazing rap artist but he was an even better person. He got on and took his entire community with him. Entrepreneurship and self sufficiency were only the start of his journey. During his memorial service, the artists; loved ones echoed the same sentiment: the marathon continues. Nipsey Hussle started something that was bigger than him.

So I started thinking about my own legacy and the work that’s being done around me.

Miya Bailey became a household name after the success of his tattoo shop, City of Ink. As a talented visual artist, Miya has always been in high demand but it’s his community-based endeavors that have made him a legend! When it comes to staying in your community to help build it, Miya is on the front lines.

A movement will never make progress without the people. How do your form a group of dedicated people? How do you stay on the same page? How do you build trust? Miya takes us through it step by step.

So, what is your legacy?


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