January 2022 Reading List

Hello friends! This year, I’m going to do better about documenting and sharing what I’m currently reading. Starting in January. Feel free to share your favorite reads with me, all genres are welcomed.

How to be Golden: Lessons We Can Learn from Betty White

If you follow me on social media, you already know that I got 2 copies of this book for Christmas: one for me and one for my bestfriend Miya. This was before Betty White passed away- we were really anticipating her 100th birthday. It’s 157 pages but it’s a really fun read.

You can preview “How to be Golden: Lessons We Can Learn from Betty White” here.


This is another short, fun read that I’m doing with a friend. My friend Jamie and I were college roommates and our birthdays are like a week apart. Any time we do something ridiculous, we blame it on our astrology sigh – Pisces. It’s 105 pages.

You can preview “Pisces” here

How to be a Leader

Let me preface this by saying that I hate “self help books… so this ain’t that. For me, reading this has been more about introspection. I’ve never seen myself as a social butterfly, but the older I get, the more I realize how important human interaction is. This book is 365 pages, but half of the pages are written in Plutarch’s native tongue (so that doesn’t really count).

My good friends in the marketing department at Princeton University Press gifted me this hardcover book for my personal library. You can preview it here.

Children of Blood and Bone

So, this book is science fiction, which is a new lane for me. But I’ve only heard good things about this series so I’m excited. It’s 523 pages.

You can preview it here.

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