3 Lessons I Learned from a Sunflower

Alabama is home to multiple sprawling sunflower fields. This family-owned field was aesthetically pleasing and it taught me a few things about myself.

Last Summer was the 1st time that I’d actually gotten the chance to experience a sunflower field in full bloom. Sunflowers only grow for about a month between June and July. If you try to visit a field too early, you’ll only be able to see rows of baby stalks and tons of leaves. Boring. But if you wait too late, they’ll be dead! 

This reminded me that everything has it’s on timing and you can’t rush anything or take your time. You have to be just right.

We went to the sunflower field during it’s peak growing days and everything was perfect.

I was so happy to (finally) see a sunflower field that I immediately started taking pictures. At some point, I stopped and realized how amazingly beautiful this place was. The were literally flowers as far as my eyes could see. It was peaceful, almost serene. It was very quiet, with the exception of the bees buzzing around. But even those faint sounds only added to the calming feel of the field. 

I learned to take everything in. Never be so caught up in the moment that you forget to actually enjoy and appreciate every single second.

There were tons of flowers, literally everywhere. But each one was just as beautiful as the next; each one unique in it’s own way. Some of the flowers sprouted upward, some of them leaned a little to the side– some of them had more leaves than the other. But still, collectively, they were breathtaking.

I definitely took note of that. We’ve all heard the saying “a flower doesn’t worry about how another one grows, it just blooms”. I could definitely use that lesson. It doesn’t matter about everyone else’s pace. My journey is unique and my destination was tailor made for me. 






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