Lovecraft Country Interviews: Jonathan Majors

Jonathan Majors plays Atticus “Tic” Freeman in HBO’s newest thriller, Lovecraft Country. This series mixes the horror of classic H.P Lovecraft literature with the steep racial tensions of Jim Crow America.

Majors speaks about his character and the series, which is based on the novel by Matt Ruff (also titled Lovecraft Country).

Ahead of Lovecraft Country’s premiere, Her Modern Life was invited to WarnerMedia’s digital press junket. The junket included a series of roundtable interviews with the cast and creator, Misha Green.

Her Modern Life had the honor of being on a roundtable panel with Ethan Sacks of NBC News, Aisha Jordan of Black Nerd Problems and Mia Johnson of Fansided Podcasts.

You can listen to the full interview with Jonathan Majors below.

Listen to part one here:

Listen to part two here:

Listen to part three here:


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