Queen of Hip Hop Soul: A timeline of Mary J. Blige’s blonde hair

Tiawndrea Ware

Mary J. Blige is the undisputed queen of Hip Hop Soul. Her raspy vocals and relatable lyrics cemented her as one of the most influential singers of all time, with blonde hair to match.

At the 2019 BET Awards, Mary was awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award. I mean, how could they not? She has giving us bops for almost three decades; like I’m Goin’ Down, Not Gon’ Cry, Real Love, Just Fine, the list goes on. She’s even coined the phrases “hateration” and “dancery.” She’s a force in the music world but, can we give Mary J. Blige her things for her 25 consistent years of ash blonde hair? Her hair has transcended the stereotypes of darker complexions not being able to wear blonde hair. Mary has been rocking blonde hair. Originally, the queen rocked a honey blonde shade. In the 2000s, she introduced us to platinum Mary. Auntie Mary has given us bangs, pixie cuts, feathered hair, curly hair, and so much more over the decade. Let’s stan her through this timeline of some of our favorite blonde looks.

Image result for mary j blige blonde hair 2997
Lipstick to match the curls. A look.
Image result for mary j blige biggie's funeral
A bold move for a funeral service- bangs and a high ponytail. Grief, but make it fashion.
Image result for mary j blige 2000
The iconic flips.
Pixie cut. Yes.
The Met Ball theme in 2008 was Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy.
Image result for mary j blige blonde hair 2017
The bowl cut era.
The bombshell.

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