Seven Questions to Ask at Your Next Interview

A job interview can really be a pain and the job hunt can be absolutely exhausting. I’ve scoured the web and put together a list of seven questions that are very effective and sure to impress everyone at your next job interview. At the end of an interview, all you want to do is take a sigh of relief, so sometimes we freeze up when someone asks “do you have any questions for me?” So I’ll make it easy for you! I’m going to start posting more of these resources for everyone on the search for a new job.

Come out of the gate swinging. An interview should be a conversation. Make sure you get a really great understanding of the position and company you want to work for.

A great way to get specific details about a position is to ask about how you would fit in it. Put extra emphasis on relevant skills/certifications/experiences.

This question shows that you’re serious about your growth as a person and an employee. Take good notes about the answers given.

When interviewing, speak as if you already have the position. And if you’re really feeling yourself, ask if you could meet those key players after the interview!

This goes without saying, but do your research! If you know who will be in your interview before hand, Google them and search them on LinkedIn. Get as much relevant information as possible.

Asking personal questions like this is a great way to find out if the company or position is truly for you.

This is your time to truly shine. I’ve personally used this questions to highlight certain accomplishments or skills that get glossed over. Everyone is always very impressed by this question.

Saying thank you is more common courtesy than anything. But asking about the next steps lets employers know you’re serious and gives you a great timeline for about how long you should wait before following up.


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