Shea Butter Baby, Too Relatable

Ari Lennox released her latest studio album, “Shea Butter Baby” and it’s definitely a coming of age album. From top to bottom, Lennox sings about all of the things that 20-somethings can relate to– from heartbreak to joy and back to heartbreak again. Here are our “Too Relatable” lyrics from the Shea Butter Baby album:

I need to know if you guys are really ready to be my friend because it gets real, it gets gross, it gets terrifying. Are you ready?

So Ari says this during the Outro of ‘Chicago Boy” and it sticks like grits. Friendship are all of these things; real, gross and sometimes terrifying. It’s great to have friends that will ride through the good and the bad.

Sleepin’, all day. Chiefin’, roll it.

Somedays, you really just need to stay in bed, all day. BMO comes out the gate swinging with this lyric. Shea Butter Baby also has LOTS of marijuana references so if you enjoy Mary Jane most of these songs will be too relatable.

This song title is pretty self-explanatory. I couldn’t choose just one lyric from ‘Broke’ because.. wow, we’ve all been there before. If you’re low on cash and feeling alone, listen to this song. Ari Lennox and J.I.D will remind you that we’ve all been down at some point.

I be insane if I let you hit
I need you
Should be here
For my regretful morning

*Big Sign* Regretful mornings suck but…. relatable.

Shea butter baby, fuckin’ up your pillow

Hair grease, edge control, literal shea butter- even makeup. If you haven’t ruined a pillow case or two are you even in a relationship?

Leave me dusty and alone
Feelin’ psychotic in my own home

Man oh man. Have you ever been in your bed, in your room and just felt… crazy? Yea me neither.. *side eye*

A Dollar Tree wine glass is in the air
André will get me there

Even in my late 20s, I still haven’t found the need to invest in fancy wine glasses. And André Spumante has never lead me astray.

This another song from ‘Shea Butter Baby’ that is entirely explained in the caption. Long distance relationships are hard work. Luckily, millennials have technology like Facetime.

Ayy, we kiki-in’ ’bout politics and The Alchemist

Sometimes, laying up and swapping ideas and opinions is the best way to end a night. We’ve all been there.

And I try, and I try, and I try, and I try, I try
But I’m havin’ the worst luck on Tinder
Ooh, why’d you have to be a big pretender

Dating apps. That’s the sentence.

I’ve been in my feels, I’ve been stackin’ bills
Online shoppin’ and robbin’ my chance of survivin’

Emotional shopping is a real thing people! And it could really jeopardize your savings if you let it get out of hand. Singing my life with her words.

I can fill you with distant memory and time

Static. Shea Butter Baby (the album) ends with a gut punch. You’ll find yourself listening to this song saying “wow. same”.

Ari Lennox is truly a gem and Shea Butter Baby is reminiscent of Solange’s “A Seat at the Table” and Sza’s “Ctrl”. It makes you feel. It gives feelings words. It almost relieves you and makes you feel understood. It’s too relatable!

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