Small but Mighty: Omeretta tha Great

Music artist, Omeretta

I pulled up to a quiet Atlanta neighborhood last week as a music journalist and left as a fan-girl. Omeretta has an amazing following on Instagram but I was skeptical about how that would translate to real-time talent. In the last two years, we’ve seen a ton of “public figures” who get millions of views on social platforms but fall completely flat in real life. After the release of her debut album, I’m sure Omeretta’s talent will propel her past many of her counterparts- on and off line. I wasn’t sure what to expect from the event, but my excitement piqued as a sprinter van pulled up to escort me from my Chevy truck to the event venue. For the night, the J. McKee PR team turned a hidden neighborhood in the suburbs Atlanta into an entertainment hub. I was surrounded by some of the freshest new talent that the city had to offer, as well as seasoned veterans of the music production world.

When Omeretta walked in, everyone felt her energy. She was understandably nervous at first, but her talent quickly overshadowed her nerves when she took the mic. She was shining in the spotlight. Standing at about 5 foot 4, Omeretta was arguably one of the smallest people in the room, but she was the center of attention. Her energy, her personality and her bars kept the party moving well past the official end of the party. The new artist literally brought out the best of Atlanta; the best PR team, the best producers, the best media, the best brands. The phrase “small but mighty” describes her perfectly.

The ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ Album Listening Experience was sponsored by Dragon FirePhylicious Cheesecakes, and Remember The Time Photobooth.Photos courtesy of Tyrone King Jr.

I’m looking forward to Omeretta blossom into one of the greatest lyricist to come out of Atlanta. The presence and talent are already there, she’s just waiting on her time. For now, you can stream her album Wlecome to the Jungle on all major platforms and join her legion of followers on Instgram @omeretta.


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