Study: The top things Americans learn on social media (Preply)

In a recent study, the good people over at Preply (a language learning app) surveyed 998 Americans on their experiences and preferences with learning on social media platforms. 

With the news of a “TikTok ban” causing mass hysteria, it’s interesting to see what information Americans are learning on social media. What was once viewed primarily as a form of entertainment and social interaction has now also become a database of knowledge for the average person. 

Preply’s Key findings

  • More than half (58%) believe that social media does more good than harm.
  • Reddit is the top platform preferred by Americans for learning.
  • Health and wellness is the #1 general topic being learned about on social media.
  • Americans spend over 5 hours per week learning on social media.
  • The majority (63%) learn about cultures different from their own on social media.

The Preply Methodology

The goal was to survey around 1,000 people because a sample of this size can provide a more accurate representation of a population, allowing for generalization of the results to a larger group. This reduces the margin of error and helps make more informed decisions based on the data collected. With this larger sample size, we have more data points for statistical analysis, increasing the reliability and validity of our conclusions. This enables Preply to draw stronger inferences about population perceptions as a whole.

On January 5, 2025, Preply surveyed 998 Americans on their experiences and preferences with learning on social media platforms. Respondents ranged in age from 18 to 76 years old, and were 49% female, 50% male, and 1% nonbinary.

You can check out the entire survey here:


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