Summer Walker is Too Relatable

Summer Walker has dropped her new album Over It. The Interscope Records singer’s LP arrives one year after her major label debut Last Day of Summer.

Walker’s latest album is comprised of 18 tracks with features from Drake, A Boogie Wit Da Hoodie, 6LACK, Jhené Aiko, Bryson Tiller, PARTYNEXTDOOR and Usher.

We’ve gone through each track and pulled the lyrics that are TOO RELATABLE.

over it summer walker

Am I really that much to handle? Filed under questions that need answers ASAP. This the first lyric on the entire album. Summer came out swinging.

Wouldn’t wanna plead Have you ever wanted someone so badly that you almost felt like you needed them. You’d do anything to be with them; anything but beg and plead.

I’m just tryna match your words with your actions The extended version of Playing Games is just the bop we needed. The message is loud and clear. Show me don’t tell me.

Make me think I want you when I don’t and I know this Don’t you just wish your phone had a feature that would stop you from making drunk decisions?

You make me wanna replay
All of the things
That you and me, we do
After ending a relationship, memories can become our worst nightmare. Replaying events in your mind may make you want to double back at any given time. Stay strong.

I’m not tryna be out here with my hopes up Pretty self explanatory. Don’t play around.

Life’s unfair For any woman whose been told that they are hard to love, this song is a gut punch. Skip right over it if you aren’t in the mood to be triggered.

I just wanna make up for lost time tonight Long distance relationship? Rekindling an old flame? Too Relatable!

Hit your ass with that one word reply like, “Bet” Sometimes, one word answers will save you from a headache and a heartache.

Fallin’ in love with every part of us This hits different when it’s real!

What am I missin’? In this track, Summer declares that love is a losing game. Sometimes we end up questioning ourselves when romance fails. It’s trash.

We can go half on a baby on purpose In 2019, nobody wants to procreate with someone as an accident. And it’s honestly my worst fear.

That I ain’t got the time no more, I ain’t gotta cry no more A lyric that rings bells when you’re done, done.

It’s not the right time but
You say the timing is perfect
Yiiiikesss. Have you ever met the right person at the wrong time?

Try to come between us, it won’t end up good Jhene Aiko delivers the only guest bar on this list. We all thought “Kill You” was going to go in a different direction. Jokes on us.

I want this, I want this to work out so bad We’ve all been here….

But we take a picture, can’t post it This is so goofy, but so relatable. I bet half of the people reading this right now have a picture in their camera roll that really is Instagram worthy but cannot be posted under any circumstance.

Won’t you be my plug? Annndd finally- Girls Need Love. This lyric is dedicated to all of the modern women who have their eyes on one particular man and are ready for him to be the only person fulfilling their every need!

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