The Mayvenn Hair Experience

Mayvenn Co. is changing the hair game one install at a time. In November, I tried the company out for myself and was truly impressed.

Mayvenn is a hair company that provides customers with a unique experience. It’s a one-stop shop- eliminating the hassle of multiple trips to the hair store and finding a licensed hairstylist. They literally do everything for you. And most importantly, it’s affordable!

Let’s get into it! Mayvenn lets you search hair by texture or style; which is great for people who know what look they’re going for but not necessarily what type of hair to get. The company takes convenience to another level with the Mayvenn Install- buy 3 items and they will pay for your install. Seriously!

First, Mayvenn has a great variety of hair, even textures that I’d never tried before. It was really fun going through the options. After I selected my hair, Mayvenn suggested certified stylists in my area. This was really nice because most stylists had photos and links to their social media so customers can really see what’s good. I scheduled an appointment and got a confirmation 30 minutes later.

So. Simple.

Next was the shipping. It took my hair about two days to get to me and it was perfect. Packaging, detailing, everything- perfect.

I’d never met my stylist before my appointment but by the time she was so great. Her professionalism and personality really struck me (if you ever need a stylist in Birmingham, Alabama let me know, I’d be happy to recommend her!)

Mayvenn is a Black-owned company that is truly making a name for itself in an Asian dominated market and I’m so proud to be a supporter. The next time you need bundles and/or a new stylist, check them out.

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    April 27, 2020 / 11:44 pm


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