The Swan Princess 25th Anniversary

The nostalgia is overflowing for the 25th anniversary of Sony’s The Swan Princess. Originally released in 1994, the beloved franchise has been making parents and children smile for decades. This musical was nominated for a Golden Globe and the winner of the Film Advisory Board Award of Excellence. For the anniversary, Sony re-released this classic in brilliant high definition for the first time ever with a collectible anniversary edition Blu-ray and in 4K HDR on digital (available now).

As a child, I loved the musical numbers in The Swan Princess. As an adult, I revisited the film and was surprised to find out that I relate to some of my favorite songs in the film.

Princess Odette and Prince Derek are forced together as children and they absolutely hate it. Their parents arranged for them to spend their summers together and eventually marry (arranged marriage, yikes!). In their adolescence, Derek excluded Odette from playing games and hanging out, but the tides turned in their teenage years, as the Princess began to get the better of Derek. Eventually, the pair begin to mature and make each other’s “knees buckle”.

I’ve found that the same is true in real life. When we’re younger, we avoid certain things like the plague. But we grow up and certain things become our exact idea of fun.

This is by far one of my favorite numbers from The Swan Princess. Odette and Derek finally realize they love each other and profess their feelings in a song- “Far Longer Than Forever”.

When I watched this as a kid, I imagined my prince charming and how we’d ride around on white horses and live happily ever after.

Now, this song reminds me of my closest platonic relationships. The lyrics are a bit over the top, but anyone with strong friendships can relate. “Forever” isn’t even long enough for the most loving friendships.

“No Fear” symbolizes the importance of collaboration. As a natural introvert, I always preferred to work and play alone as a child. The older I get, the more essential teamwork becomes. It’s great to have a solid group of people working together to reach a common goal- even if some members are resistant at first.

It was great to reminisce over the 25 years since the release of The Swan Princess and sing along to one of my favorite animated films. It reminded me that there’s a lesson to be learned at every turn!

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