What Your State Is Binge-Watching on Hulu

Hulu keeps producing shows that get everyone talking and our team at USDish wanted to find out which Hulu Original is everyone’s favorite. While June Osborne is an expert in leading a revolution, it’s the antics of Steven Spielberg’s Animaniacs that lead most states.

Have you watched Hulu’s new original series Nine Perfect Strangers yet? Since the new series came out, there has been a peak in search interest for the term ‘wellness retreat’. 

Since 2019, streaming giant Hulu has seen a 50% increase in paid subscribers, jumping to 41.6 million in 2021. Whether its been edge-of-your-seat thrills with “Castle Rock“, or lots of LOLs with “Solar Opposites“, the platform saw a 44% increase in binge-watching sessions last year.

To see which Hulu Original series your state is obsessed with, see the full report here

Here’s a breakdown of some exciting facts:

  • Animaniacs was the most searched Hulu Original series, claiming the #1 spot in 22 states.
  • A Teacher was the most Googled Hulu Original in 12 states. Following close behind was The Handmaid’s Tale in a total of 9 states.
  • Mrs. America, which tells the story of the 1970s movement to pass the Equal Rights Amendment, was D.C.’s most popular show.
  • The Handmaid’s Tale is the most Googled show in all of the New England states (home of the fictional state of Gilead), except for Rhode Island.

Apparently, Americans love nostalgia. Dominating the West Coast, the most popular show is “Animaniacs“, taking the top spot in 22 states — that’s over 44% of the U.S.

The show originally premiered back in 1993 but was re-released in November 2020 with 13 new episodes as a Hulu original series. The reboot was a hit, as it was nominated for an “Outstanding Children’s Program” award by the Producers Guild of America.

Coming in at number two, “A Teacher” is the most Googled Hulu original in 12 states, while “The Handmaid’s Tale” has taken third place, proving the most popular show in nine states.

Some shows have been named the most popular in just one state. “Little Fires Everywhere“, one of 2020’s most-anticipated releases, starring Reese Witherspoon and Kerry Washington, is Rhode Island’s most popular pick. However, the drama miniseries was actually set in Ohio during the late 1990s.

More one-state wonders included “Castle Rock“, which won over Colorado, and “Mrs. America“, the drama series that tells the story of the 1970’s movement to pass the Equal Rights Amendment, took top place in Washington DC.


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